MindVisionLabs is a UCL spinout cofounded by Nilli Lavie and Luke Palmer.

Nilli Lavie, PhD, FBA

Cofounder & CEO

Nilli is the head of UCL Attention and Cognitive Control laboratory, at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience. She has been a Professor of Cognition and Brain Sciences since 2004. She is an elected Fellow of the British Academy, the Royal Society of Biology, the Association of Psychological Science, US, the British Psychological Society, and an Honorary life member of the Experimental Psychological Society, UK. Apart from her ground-breaking scientific work on attention, cognitive control, and human information processing capacity, she has extensive experience of working in partnership with industry in the automotive, aerospace and defence sectors.

Luke Palmer, PhD

Cofounder & CTO

Luke has been researching natural and artificial visual systems since 2006. At the University of Bristol, he investigated human reflectance perception and developed visual biometric methods for monitoring endangered species. He then obtained his PhD at UCL focusing on modelling human attention during driving with computer vision and machine learning methods. After continuing this line of work, first with Toyota R&D in Brussels and then as a post-doctoral fellow at UCL, he spent a year as a machine learning researcher in the fin-tech sector developing face and voice recognition systems.

We have a brilliant team of machine learning and cognitive neuroscience researchers currently developing mindful computer vision for the autonomous car.